GreenFlex, a village green in the empire Total

The new one has the effect of a thunderclap in the small world of sustainable development. On September 19, we learned that GreenFlex, French success story of the sector, entered into the bosom of…Total.

“We are aware of the issue of image associated with Total, acknowledged Frederic Rodriguez, the founder of GreenFlex. It does not repair a century of environmental impact. But we’re in a stage where they want to accelerate the energy transition and all our customers have praised the industrial project. “

Since its creation in 2009, GreenFlex himself had bought no less than twelve small firms “are recognized for their expertise” on different aspects of sustainable development, including Ethicity, BeCitizen, BeNext, Be-Linked, Okavango delta… Developed around a strong belief consisting of before the time, to reconcile ecology and economy – in other words, to help companies to earn money, showing himself to be virtuous on the societal level and environmental – the startup offers its services in the field of sustainable strategy and management of relations with stakeholders, as well as more advanced topics such as responsible consumption, energy performance, or, more original for the sector, the funding of the transition and the management of assets. After nine years of an average annual growth of 40%, today it employs 230 people in 14 offices in Europe, with a turnover of 350 million euros in 2017.

How this nugget green she landed in the pot of oil ? The expected release of the fund Nextstage, coinciding with ambitions more international, led by Frédéric Rodriguez to proceed with a capital increase of 10 to 15 million euros. This was to enable it to better support large companies – 80% of its approximately 600 clients – which represent signicant business volumes and require a sound capital base.

Flagship of the societal performance, environmental, and energy

“Originally, we went to see the funds and there was not a single industry in our lists, ensures Frederick Rodriguez. Our specification meant the time horizons are long. The family offices or fund Evergreen allowed us to spend from four to six years. “

Too short a timeframe having regard to the burden of the fund-raising process for the team leader, ” and which also has an impact on the vision of the company “. Finally, ” The industry has proven to have a clearer vision of what GreenFlex. “

Little industrial however return an image diametrically opposed to that of sustainable development that Total. Moreover, some managers of sustainable development, which are among the clients of GreenFlex – are waiting to see how she will be able to maintain its autonomy and independence. The structure will be built in to Innovation activity and efficiency of the branch “Gas, renewables & power” oil, created in April 2016 in the framework of its strategy aiming 20% of its turnover in activities low-carbon by 2035.

“With Total, we are confident to retain our autonomy, to remain an integrator, a multi-expert around the energy and to be associated with the project, ensures Frederick Rodriguez. We will be the flagship of the societal performance, environmental, and energy of the group. “

Become a security green for the oil that comes in addition to enter the capital of a specialist in renewable energy Eren and run a supply of electricity from renewable sources for individuals, opens up new perspectives.

Acquisitions and doubled the sales in order

“This operation will allow us to strengthen us in France and become a european player,” says the young boss. An expansion favored by the presence of Total, in particular in Germany, the United Kingdom, the Benelux countries, and of course in Africa, Asia, India, and South America.

Furthermore, Greenflex planning a couple of acquisitions here at the end of the year, both in France and abroad, in the target of being everywhere among the first three.

But in the short term, the priority is to cope with the demand, which translates into employment opportunities on all fronts : developers, data analysts, but also engineers, agro, chemists, energy companies, experts in CSR, etc

“This is reassuring,” insists Frédéric Rodriguez ; it opens an era of massification and intensification that will allow to reach the greatest number of enterprises and maximize our impact. “

Also, the company, which already had the goal of doubling its turnover by 2021 in the scenario of a capital increase of € 10 million, hopes to do even better with Total “.

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