Hauts-de-Seine : Delivery of building Department offices at the Arena

the 09 October 2017 – AP REDACTION – News

© CD92/Olivier Ravoire

Patrick Devedjian, chairman of the Department, has signed the minutes of delivery of the building of the future offices of the county Council, the Arena, in the presence of Jacky Lorenzetti, chairman of Racing Arena.

December 2, 2013, the Department has acquired in the future state completion of an office building, the Arena, at a price of 200 million euros, with the company’s Racing Arena.

The Arena is ideally located at the gates of The Defense, in a district in full change with the ending of Eole and the line 15. This building of 31 000 m2 and consists of eight floors, a mezzanine, a parking and a restaurant inter-entreprises. This building meets the HQE norms. It is also labeled BBC.

Thousand and five hundred agents of the Department are emménageront next April. This new building will allow staff to better collaborate, transversality, thanks to the more open areas, adapted to the new methods of work. Spaces of co-working will be for example equipped.

Patrick Devedjian, the operation comes to a close a partnership as a “win-win” : “It is a fashionable expression which usually does not mean much, but this time, it is still the case. Without these offices, the construction of the U Arena would not have been able to start. However, it was an important project for the Hauts-de-Seine and more broadly for the suburbs, which remains under-equipped in terms of its population. “

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