How the manufacturers auto want to seduce women drivers saudi

It is a huge breakthrough for the cause of women ! On the 26th of September last, the king Salman has signed a decree allowing women to drive. Saudi Arabia was the last country in the world to impose such a ban, and the news has been greeted by the cheers of the international community. But not that… car manufacturers have also welcomed this announcement, rubbing with the hands in front of the vastness of the potential. According to the website specialized Automotive News, the market of “conductive saudi arabian” would reach the nine-million ! A substantial figure, which does not leave anyone indifferent.

The big blow of com Ford

Ford has unsheathed with an operation com’ punch. The american firm has announced on Tuesday that it would offer to Sahar Nassif, the Mustang of his dreams. This saudi is known to have been arrested after defying the ban on driving in the kingdom Wahhabi. She had confided that she dreamed of riding in the Ford Mustang, the car the legendary symbol of the american automobile.

For their part, Nissan and Chevrolet have praised Saudi women for the win, while wishing them welcome to the world of the automobile. Jaguar Land Rover has posted pictures of hand bags knocked down where you can see a lipstick, a perfume bottle and a key to the vehicle with these messages : “the adventure awaits” and ” the road is up to you “. Volkswagen has released a picture very simple phrase ” my turn “, on a black background between two henna tattoos. On the side of the BMW group, one spot shows a Mini which is a station on a parking place where it is painted the inscription ” reserved for women “.

Brands have until next June, the date of effectiveness of the royal decree to be positioned. The challenge is obviously to capture a customer who has specific tastes but no less lucrative for car manufacturers.

Cars and services

But these manufacturers expect more. They see in this societal evolution a chain reaction that they want to anticipate, but above all to preempt in the collective mind. Thus, the possibility of running for women will enable them to access new professions so far prevented because of their reduced mobility, which will increase the income of households and of their solvency. It is thus an open door for new business such as automobile financing, insurance.

It will also be necessary to find the right product for this customer. According to analysts, it is not certain that women in saudi are moving to large SUV’s, but they are rather interested in more rational purchases such as small city cars. This implies a complete revision of the catalogue of products that the manufacturers have so far preferred in the region.

Peugeot manoeuvring

The brand Peugeot could be particularly well positioned to this effect with his range. She hopes to distinguish itself through its coverage of the range that is certainly composed of SUVS as the larger 3008 and 5008, but also the very compact 2008, as well as of the body more classics such as the 308 and the 508.

The claw of the lion also boasts its reactivity during the announcement of the royal decree by posting several messages on social networks. According to a spokesperson of the brand, this action was particularly impacting on the social networks with lots of positive feedback. The local management of Peugeot is currently working on a marketing strategy that would target very specifically the women.

The real issue for brands, however will not capture a market that may be, in fact, extremely embryonic in the short and perhaps medium term. Beyond the legal authorization, the Saudi will have to acquire the right to drive by by-passing the pressure of social and cultural. They will also need to obtain their license. Regardless, the challenge for brands is to position the now!

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