Hulot is preparing a law to ban the search for hydrocarbons in France in 2040

The minister of ecological Transition, Nicolas Hulot, hopes to end the exploitation of hydrocarbons in France by 2040, says The World in its edition dated Sunday. This deadline corresponds to that of the quasi-totality of the concessions in the course of validity.

A draft law has been, according to the daily, subject to notice on Wednesday to the national Council for ecological transition and should “be presented at the council of ministers on 6 September”. The minister had announced in late June his intention to present such a text in the fall, without specifying the contours.

Ban unconventional oil

The latter provides for “completely banning the search for unconventional oil, that is to say, of the gas and oils of shale, but also methane hydrates buried in the seas, or beneath the permafrost (permanently frozen ground),” says The World.

In contrast, the hydrocarbons contained in the layers of coal – mine gas or coal – not subject to this prohibition, “for security reasons” and “protection of the environment”, says the newspaper, recalling that methane is a powerful greenhouse gas.

Contacted by AFP, the firm of Nicolas Hulot has not confirmed this information.

While the law of 13 July 2011 was already a barrier to gas and oils of shale, by prohibiting hydraulic fracturing, it left the door open to alternative methods. The new law will prohibit the research of unconventional oil “, by any technique,” says The World.

As to the oil and gas treaty, the bill provides, beginning with its enactment, not to allow exploration – no new research permits will not be issued, including for claims in course of instruction, but also not to prolong the exploitation concessions in the course, ” says the daily.

The maturity date of 2040

Wishing “a phasing-out of hydrocarbon production on the French territory”, according to The World, the government has programmed “by 2040” the end of exploitation of deposits of oil and gas of the national subsoil, which corresponds to “the maturity of almost all of the concessions in the course of validity”.

The bill, if it excludes the extension of exploitation concessions, allows on the other hand the research permit exclusive already allocated, ” says The World, as well as the first granting of a concession. The text adheres to the “principle of right away that is dear to the industry, which makes an exploration successful results in almost automatic grant of a title of exploitation”.


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