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Business France and Bpifrance are launching the fourth edition of their immersion program in the United States for French companies specialized in the sector of the autonomous vehicle and connected.

Eight companies have been selected by a jury of experts from the us (see box opposite). They will participate, from 3 to 16 June next, the immersion program Ubimobility in Detroit, the cradle of the american auto industry, and San Francisco (Silicon Valley), where focus on the digital technologies.

The program Ubimobility allows these companies to benefit from a personalised accompaniment of ten months, before and after the stay, by Business France and Bpifrance, to develop more rapidly on the u.s. market.

The winners will meet the major players in the connected car, such as Intel, Qualcomm and Samsung.

Since its first edition in 2015, Ubimobility has helped to support 24 French companies overseas that have raised 110 million euros. Among them, 14 were implemented or are being implemented on the territory of the united states, evidence of the effectiveness of the program.

“The mobility of tomorrow passes by the vehicle-connected and stand-alone. In its report “The Great Mobility Tech Race”, published last January, the Boston Consulting Group predicted that by 2035, 24 % of vehicles sold will be autonomous cars, half of which are reserved for on-demand services. This is an excellent perspective for the actors in the market “, says Frédéric Rossi, deputy managing director of export at Business France.

North America is the first world market of autonomous vehicles. Thanks in particular to the presence of all the world leaders, the region accounts for almost half of global investment
(48 %) made on this promising market.

According to the Strategy & Digital Self Report of PwC in September last year, more than 85 % of new cars are already considered connected, and by 2025 more than 116 million other vehicles of this type will be outstanding.

In 2030, the number of vehicles that are completely autonomous, should already reach 20 million.

“Bpifrance offers financing solutions, insurance and support services to increase the number of SMES and ETI export. Ubimobility is the illustration of capabilities and forces are magnified by the companies when they are well prepared and followed in their internationalization project. The results are already very promising first three editions encourage us to continue to support the financing of innovation, investment and the export of the French companies in the mobility, whose creative projects are recognized at the international level and particularly in the US, ” explains Pedro Novo, director of finance export at Bpifrance.

The selected companies for Ubimobility 2018


The road vehicles, self-reliant face of the human factors much more difficult to predict and to anticipate (pedestrians, cyclists, and other drivers are not yet equipped…). The technology developed by NIT is particularly well suited to the car needs for the ability of anti glare that it offers and adapt instantly to changes in level of illumination.


ISFM has developed a shuttle intelligent, autonomous, and electric with a minimum of infrastructure. Named “Milla”, it can accomodate 6 to 8 people and has been designed to access any type of transport area. Thanks to its own platform mobility, ISFM offers a complete solution around the shuttle Milla to deliver a new mobility service at a lower cost.

AV Simulation

AV Simulation is a subsidiary automobile OKTAL and publishes software Scan TM Studio, dedicated to the simulation of driving.


Gulplug is specialized in the smart connection of electric machines, at the net as the supply network. The company has developed a decision-magnetic power, high-performance, of particular interest to car manufacturers for the charging of hybrid and electric vehicles.


Publishers trust software, IDnomic (formerly OpenTrust) provides services for securing digital identities for people, businesses, or objects connected to it.


Specializing in the planning, predictive real-time for all areas of life, is the first solution in the world, based on the Artificial Intelligence that makes the self-contained objects.


Geoflex, by the exploitation of patents CNES (Centre national d’études spatiales), is the operator of new services increase in GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) based on the technology PPP – CNES (positioning one-time specific).


Openfleet offers advanced technologies of mobility for fleet managers and operators of parks cars.

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