It gets stuck also between Argentina and France for five Super Etendard

Definitely between Argentina and France, the relations are bad. After the pataquès patrol French selected by Buenos Aires and then put in stand-by, the record of five Super-Etendard for the argentine navy is also off. Contrary to what was reported in the press in recent days, the contract has not been signed, according to our information. A letter of intent for a purchase of five of the aircraft is still waiting on the office of the new minister of Defence, Oscar Aguad. France, which has sent a proposal, waits for a return from Buenos Aires.

If the navy pushes for funds to get these five devices, the air force is trying to torpedo this project is evaluated at € 12 million, including $ 10 million for the purchase of the devices. In addition, it would appear that Argentina has no dedicated budget for this purchase. Finally, this operation appears to be subject to the settlement of the crisis between the two countries on the sale of four patrol boats of the type The Skilful Argentina. Also, this case has become very political. Not sure that France wants to meet the Argentines if these funds are boosting an international tender for the purchase of four patrol vessels. To be continued…

Withdrawn from service in 2016 in France

The argentine Navy had purchased Dassault Aviation 14 Super-Etendard in July 1979. Some of them were engaged in the Falklands war. A patrol of two planes has notably sunk in 1982, the destroyer british HSM Sheffield, hit by a missile anti-ship AM-39 Exocet (MBDA).

Designed by Dassault Aviation for the French Navy and placed in service in 1978, the last of the Super-Etendard (SEM) have been removed from active service on July 12, 2016 on the naval air station of Landivisiau. These aircraft remained in service for 38 years in the Navy and showed up at the end of its capabilities, fully integrated into the operations of the air group deployed embedded in 2016 in the Gulf.

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