Job Code : green light to the branch agreement for the road

The representatives of the government and the social partners in the road transport arrived on Wednesday night, an agreement which aims to secure at the industry level a number of minima, indicated the unions and the government to Reuters.

The agreement guarantees the maintenance of the various premiums, travel expenses, or even the 13th month in the interurban transport of travellers, according to FO.

The trade unions had expressed their concern of a possible decrease of the compensation by means of a company agreement less-saying that the professional sector, particularly in the TPE and SMES, where competition is strong.

“Today an agreement to secure the road transport has been found”, it is “beneficial to employees” because it “prevents social dumping by companies with less virtuous,” responded Thierry Douine (CFTC).

The responsible trade union has welcomed the employers ‘ organizations “that have accepted to answer to our demands” and said that “the ministry of Labour has been much more difficult to convince”.

A marathon of negotiations

In a press release, the minister of Labour, Muriel Pénicaud, and his counterpart in Transportation, Elizabeth Terminal, “welcome” as “the social partners so(ie)nt agreed to integrate in a new industry-wide agreement, fully consistent with the orders, the set of rules by which trade union organizations as employers ‘associations have expressed their commitment”. They state :

“In addition, the government undertakes to confirm in the code of transport to the specificities of the road transport in terms of travel costs.”

The marathon negotiations, which began before 10am on Wednesday, has accelerated in mid-afternoon with the arrival of the director of the office of Muriel Pénicaud. It has been punctuated by several suspensions of the meeting in order to settle the legal details.

The two departments had turned down several provisions of the text, such as bonuses for night work, Sundays and holidays, or even the 13th month, according to the unions, in particular because it is provided for in the ordinances to reform the Dode of the work, the primacy of the company-wide agreement on the branch in the companies with fewer than 25 employees.

However, the road transport sector is characterised by the presence of a majority of businesses with fewer than 20 employees.

The representatives of the government and the social partners have finally managed to agree on these points in dispute, while remaining within the framework provided for by the ordinances.

“The fight continues against the orders”

This positive outcome comes after the social movement (dams, drainage, operations, snail, flyer distribution…), and conducted last week by the CGT and the FO, and while CFDT and CFTC are threatening a strike on October 10.

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Even if he said he is “satisfied” with the outcome of the negotiations, the number one of the CGT-Transport, Jérôme Truth, however, has warned that “the fight continues against the orders”.

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