Levothyrox : search at the French headquarters of the lab, Merck KGaA

A search was underway Tuesday, October 3, at the French headquarters in Lyon to the German laboratory Merck, the manufacturer of the drug Levothyrox in which the new formula is the subject of complaints of heavy side effects, a-t-on learned from a source close to the investigation, confirming information of the Progress.

Merck has confirmed that the search was currently underway at its headquarters in lyon, ensuring that it was “expected” and that the lab is working “actively”.

This search is conducted from 9: 00 a.m. by the gendarmes of the central Office for combating damage to the environment and public health (Oclaesp) in the framework of a preliminary investigation opened for “aggravated tort of deceit, with involuntary bodily integrity and endangering the lives of others”. At the end of September, 62 complaints have been filed and assigned to the pole of public health at the tribunal de grande instance of Marseille.

These investigations are carried out “under the supervision of two magistrates of Marseilles, in the three establishments, the headquarters of Merck located in Lyon and its suburbs,” said AFP the prosecutor of Marseille Xavier Tarabeux, adding that no hearing or custody was scheduled for the hour.

A new formula under the fire of criticism

Cramps, headaches, dizziness, hair loss: the evidence on the adverse effects of the new formula of the Levothyrox, placing on the French market at the end of march, have multiplied in recent months, to the point of becoming a health challenge and a major threat to the government.

After complaints about the side effects of the new formula, the old version of the Levothyrox, medication nursing thyroid used by three million French, was available again on Monday, but in very limited quantity, at the risk of causing a shortage.

The world’s largest market with three million users, France, shaken in recent years by multiple scandals health as the Mediator, is also the first country where the new formula was introduced.

(With AFP)

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