Lufthansa is going to resume 81 aircraft and 3,000 employees of Air Berlin

The dismembering of Air Berlin takes the form of a formal manner. And Lufthansa is going fine and as planned carve the lion’s share. This Thursday, October 12, deadline that was set for the management of the German company, in bankruptcy since August 15, to divide its assets between Lufthansa and Easyjet, with whom it was conducting exclusive negotiations, Lufthansa has announced that it would resume 81 aircraft and 3,000 employees of Air Berlin. This last account today 144 aircraft and 8.500 employees. The agreement will be signed at 12H00 local (10H00 GMT) before a notary public, said Carsten Spohr, the chairman of the executive board of Lufthansa.

“We will see today at a decisive turning point in the history of Lufthansa and Air Berlin,” he said, estimating that the operation would, without doubt, the authorisation of the european Union by the end of the year.

The amount of the check proposed by Lufthansa hasn’t been announced, but the German press spoke in recent weeks of a proposal for € 200 million to return the assets, and 100 million extra to ensure the operating costs of Air Berlin.

Easyjet has not yet shown the scope of its offer.


The company had announced earlier this week that its planes would be grounded by the end of October. For all that, after the signing of the contracts (recovery, editor’s NOTE), Air Berlin must end a step-by-step to its activities” was explained in the beginning of the week, Air Berlin in a press release. This means that flights with Air Berlin will continue for the account of its buyers, via contracts of hire with services that allows the buyer to lease aircraft with crew for use on their own lines.
All employees will not be taken over by successors. According to a trade union that AFP obtained on Saturday, about 1,400 members of the ground staff and administrative services may receive very shortly a letter of dismissal.

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