Qantas wants to make flights of over 20 hours !

Flights of 20.20, the equivalent, roughly speaking, a round-trip between Paris and Johannesburg without stopping… : this is what’s plans for the australian company Qantas to fly nonstop by 2022 the australian east coast (Sydney, Melbourne) to London and Paris. Such time of flight to establish a new record flight in the history of aviation. A duration of 18: 30, the flight Doha-Auckland in New Zealand is today one of the longest in the world. Next year, Singapore Airlines plans to link Singapore to New York in 19 hours. On the line “Kangooroo” (London-Sydney), the project of Qantas -that does not date from yesterday – would save 4 hours compared to flights that are now a stopover in Dubai required fault plane with a radius of action sufficient.

Stop now mandatory

Today the different airlines linking Europe to Australia, passing through one of the hubs of the Middle East or south-east Asia such as Singapore, where Qantas had a hub before the switch to Dubai during its strategic alliance with Emirates in 2013. On this occasion, the two have shared in the service. Qantas performs the flight between Australia and Dubai, and Emirates takes the relay to continue on to european cities.

Qantas also plans to serve non-stop New York (18h) and Rio de Janeiro.

Qantas asks Airbus and Boeing to meet the challenge

To realize his project, the australian company has asked Airbus and Boeing to extend the radius of action of the future B777X, planned for 2022, and the A350 ULR (ultra long range), which will be put into service next year. “The A350 RHUS may exceed 20 hours of flight,” says Airbus intends to work with Qantas to find solutions to make the lines envisaged.

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