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on October 13, 2017 – AP UP – Right

© DR – Dan Kohn, president of Secib.

The group Secib aims to sustainably improve the organization and performance of law firms.

Publisher independent, Secib has made quality a strategic element major to the accompaniment of the firms at the heart of the technological revolution and the legaltech. From the ISO 9001 certification, the group has laid the foundations for a set of values conducive to development, to innovation and to the performance of its customers.

Since a few years, never a profession has not been as much knocked about, challengée, stimulated either by the legislature, by the digital, the new habits and behaviours of its customers, in the face of the arrival of new competitors. The lawyers are now living a true phase transition and transformation of their business models, organizational and structural.

As emphasized by Dan Kohn, ” we thought it was obvious for a group like ours, which accompanies the profession in all these changes for the past 27 years, to be beside of lawyers to think, rethink and co-construct the future of the profession, not to be a spectator of these developments, but engine “.

Three days of conference and workshops

In order to have a clear vision and foresight of the legal profession, the group is seized of the issues and topics for reflection that are at the heart of developments in the profession.

With stakeholders, experts and representative of this paradigm shift, Secib organized three days of conferences and workshops of a duration of 20 minutes, in order to address a cross-cutting topics such as training, SPE, the justice digital, the strength of networks and clusters, the alternative methods of dispute resolution, the contribution of the AI, Big data and the predictive, the ERP new generation, the tools of negotiation and real estate transaction, the blockchain, the impact of digital on the markets right.

This cycle’s primary objective is to proceed to a phase of acculturation and awareness of lawyers on these subjects.

Program conferences Legaltech

Wednesday, October 18,
17: 30 Charge better to earn more !
18 social networks : the basis of your internet visibility
19 tips and tricks to fly his cabinet

Thursday, October 19,
9 The digital ecosystem of the lawyer of the Xxi century
9: 35 am to Be an actor innovations of his cabinet, it is possible !
10.10 am The lawyer of today is a contractor of the right
10.45 SECIBMAC Neo, the renewal of the software for lawyers on Mac
11: 20 Can we predict the outcome of a court decision ?
11.55 am The utility of belonging to a network
14 Meet the new expectations of its customers
14h35 I solve my dispute online
15: 10 What are the objectives for the justice digital during the next quinquennium
15h45 When artificial intelligence meets the right
16.20 Meeting with a lawyer has never been so simple
16.55 The real estate transaction : new business opportunity…since 2009 !
17: 30 Back on the launch of the incubator of the bar of Bordeaux
17h55 The usefulness of belonging to a network
18: 30 SECIB Neo, because your practice is a business

Friday, October 20,
10: 10 SECIBSCAN, en route for the firm’s digital !
10.45 Where are we in the e-evolution of digital law firms ?
11.20 The usefulness of belonging to a network
11.55 am SECIBNEGO, the new ally of counsel attorney in the real estate transaction
14h Partnership AZKO/Legalife
14h35 to Be an actor innovations of his cabinet, it is possible !
15: 10 The SPE as a new lever of development for the lawyers
15h45 Azko Pilot ” the mobile application of the lawyer, business leader
16: 20 The legaltech takes into his living room
16.55 Train the lawyer increased
17: 30 the Open Law : the collective intelligence at the service of the right
17h55 The legal announcement, the solution a high-fidelity, high-value-added
18: 30 SECIB Neo, because your practice is a business

Saturday, October 21,
10am Bailiff, a profession at the heart of the value chain of the lawyer
10h35 The Block… what ?

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