Situation of the Courts of first instance in the 93

the 02 October 2017 – Anne MOREAUX – News

© DR – professional of the TGI of créteil, france are on strike on 2 October.

Monday, October 2, at 13.30 is held a mobilization of lawyers, magistrates, staff of the registry and bailiffs on the square in front of the Tribunal de grande Instance of Bobigny to denounce the intolerable situation in which are all courts of first instance of the department, at the edge of the break.

These courts nearby, intended to meet the basic needs of citizens (legal rental, issuance of certificates of nationality, legal of the small consumption, the management of guardianship of the most fragile …) are left with the abandonment by the public Authorities, and forces the actors of justice to accept the unacceptable : times audiencement of more than one year, closure (physical and even telephone) the reception of the public, and the inability sine die of audiencement of some disputes…

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