“Speaking of delete 10.000 pharmacies, it is free provocation”

THE FORUM – What do you expect of the presidency Emmanuel Macron ?

LAETITIA HIBLE – A recognition of the pharmacist as an actor in health. We want to put the pharmacist in a strong link in the chain of health. Today, there is a rise in other health actors, while the pharmacist is put to one side. Look at what happened during the case of the Levothyrox : the minister of Health did not consult with the pharmacists prior to the launch of the new formula. We are yet on the ground and arrested by patients dozens of times a day in every pharmacy. I would like that we should engage the pharmacist in the care of the sick. We are health professionals recognized with a diploma, and we are present all over the territory, there is no desertification in the pharmacy sector.

In addition, the pharmacist is ahead in the evolution of the medical professions. It has, for example, was the first to computerize and to be a receptacle of data with the pharmaceutical dossier. It is also the first to enter into the certification, and it could lead to other professions.

You want to so get out of your dependence on drug sales ?

Sales of boxes of drugs represent 75% of the turnover of the pharmacists. It has a low amount of our sales related to services. We want to develop, and to find the means to pay for it. Some of these services may be supported by mutual insurance companies or the patients themselves. The certification would ensure the quality and the traceability of these services.

The pharmacist, due to its proximity and availability, is an actor of first health use. But today, it is limited by the organization of its work around dispensing medications, and it does not have the right to make a pre-assessment of the health status of the patient. The pharmacist is the ideal partner for the regions where there is a deficiency of doctors to accommodate patients having a problem. This could be done in a space of privacy, then go, if need be, a step from tele-consultation. For me, this is the role dreamed to be a pharmacist. We could go to a reflection on such developments.

As a pharmacist, I also believe that a pharmacist should be able to take charge of the vaccination, and we could expand the list beyond the flu, but without taking care of all the vaccines at the pharmacy.

Give a greater role to the pharmacy requires more payroll…

It is obvious that out of the people on the counter at the pharmacist creates a deficiency. In the current model, there are two pharmacists on average per pharmacy: the owner and his partner or the proprietor and his deputy. In most cases, the pharmacist will not be available for establishing pre-assessments and interviews with pharmaceutical.

Nevertheless, there is today a movement of concentration, and therefore teams more more in pharmacies. But it takes a long time to be put in place, the timely debt climb, now reaching often fifteen years for a pharmacy.

Precisely, the Court of auditors judge, in his report on social Security published in late September that today there are twice too many pharmacies in France…

97% of the population lives on less than a quarter of an hour of a pharmacy. What will happen to these people if we divide by two the number of pharmacies ? The reasoning of the Court of accounts is mathematical. It extracts completely human. Yet, it is the side essential of the mesh.

It is true that in some large cities, there is a high concentration. Pharmacies have opened in spite of the good sense in the 1980s and 1990s, and are redundant. But I challenge the Court of auditors to show me the overabundance of pharmacies in the Corrèze, for example. Speak to remove 10.000 pharmacies, it is free provocation.

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