Strategy of promotion of the activity of the lawyer

on October 13, 2017 – AP REDACTION – News – Interview

Jean-Philippe Mateus is the founder and associate director of imagraph, a communication agency for ethical. It traces the approach of a winning strategy for lawyers at the time of the development of new actors in the law. For him, ” the lawyer of tomorrow is being organised today “.

Posters of Paris : What are the issues facing law firms who collaborate with imagraph ?

Jean-Philippe Mateus : in the Face of the transformation of the profession of lawyer not to say ” disruption “, the lawyers that appeal to our communication agency ethics seek to exist in the Internet ecosystem. The main issues are : be visible, credible, and legitimate standing out. Our added value, in addition to responding to these challenges is also to allow the lawyer to be a “facilitator” of access to Law and to optimize the customer relationship, which must be at the centre of the life of the firm.

A. P. : in the Face of new actors in the law and this ” disruption “, and how the lawyer can it stand out ?

J.-P. M. : I believe in lawyers strong, dare to communicate, dare to face the competition and add value to this great quality label ” lawyer “. The lawyer must also rethink its business model, offering solutions and tools, innovative and high added value for its customers and future customers. The lawyer should dare to communicate and organize its marketing strategy, to work the brand image of the firm rather than drown in the seo massif, on certain platforms, and, of course, a good head of the company, how to win in productivity, to optimize the costs of access to the law.

It is clear that while the world has not taken the turn to the rope ! How do you explain that only 35% of law firms have a internet site functional and to meet the legitimate expectations of the new consumer law, while at the same time, more than 76% of the people are looking for a lawyer to consult at least three websites ? And I’m not even talking about internet websites that exist of course, but who have not been retouched or updated for several years…

A.-P. : The transformation to digital of the profession of lawyer is it a danger or an opportunity for the lawyers ?

J.-P. M. : An opportunity, of course ! But if they organize to have real communication supports high-performance, high-value-added : a dynamic internet website for instance with the ” live chat “, safe spaces, collaborative or even dare to leave his office to go to meet future clients on tradeshows… The lawyer must now have a vision of entrepreneur, business leader, with an overall communication strategy that integrates the main communication channels such as social networks, news letters, support papers, etc there is not a single strategy applies to all, but each firm should have ITS strategy to meet its objective and challenges.

A. P. : Your communication agency has more than 8 years lawyers. Why imagraph has become a privileged player in the coaching and communication consulting lawyers ?

J.-P. M. : When I created imagraph, the concept of communication and marketing in the legal profession was not obvious, but I was convinced that it would happen more quickly than some expect. This has allowed us to have a true knowledge market. We have mastered the ethics and know the constraints of the legal profession. We have also been able to optimize our work in order to offer communication solutions to innovative and efficient.

A. P. : in your opinion, how will be the lawyer of tomorrow ?

J.-P. M. : For me, the lawyer of tomorrow is today already one step ahead ! It is the lawyer who does not let go of the pacts ” with the devil “. The lawyer of tomorrow, today communicates ! And exist in the Internet ecosystem !

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