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on July 26, 2017 – Anne MOREAUX – Business

© AP – ON the occasion of the visit of the mayor of London in August 2016, Xavier Niel and Roxanne Varza had greeted Anne Hidalgo.

The Region of Île-de-France, Schoolab, Nugget, France and the Nugget ile-de-france partner up to host the projects of their students-entrepreneurs in the largest campus start-up. The 8 Nugget (Poles students for the innovation, transfer and entrepreneurship) of the Île-de-France, settled in the famous Station F, thought by Xavier Niel and directed by Roxanne Varza.

The eight Nugget of Île-de-France : CréaJ IDF, 3EF, heSam Undertake, PON, Paris centre, PEIPS, PSL and Vallée-de-Seine unite their forces to allow 40 student-entrepreneurs to accelerate the development of their projects at Station F, in the framework of the new program Nugget Starter Île-de-France.

At the initiative of Nugget, France (Programme of investments for the future) and in partnership with Schoolab, this 6-month program aims to accelerate start-ups early-stage worn by students and young graduates benefiting from the national status of student-entrepreneur in 2016-2017.

Station ” F ” to rely on the energy and creativity of the projects from the very large diversity of sectors of higher education institutions in the île de france with more than 645 000 students, including 500 students-entrepreneurs. Each Nugget will have the opportunity to come to Station F between one and five start-up students from their institutions.

Visit to the site of Station F in the former Halle Freyssinet in August last, with its impressive 34 000 m2. © AP

After having announced the arrival of the Start-up Garage on Facebook or the accelerator for Sale-Private, Station ” F ” opens its doors wide to Nugget Starter, Ile-de-France, who want to make work in the public and private sectors hand in hand in this unique place and allow for student-entrepreneurs to have access to an ecosystem that is bubbling in this unique place of 34 000 m2.

Schoolab, recognized for its ability to bring together and make them work together students, start-ups and large companies, and Nugget France, engaged for several years in the awareness, training, and coaching student-entrepreneurs, said their willingness to develop the first French network of startups students.

For Valérie Pécresse, president of the regional council, ” The Region Ile-de-France is a territory of excellence in research and innovation. We have universities and schools of the highest in the world, who are teeming with talent. The challenge now is to support student entrepreneurs in their process of creation of startups, as soon as a project emerges. “Nugget Starter Île-de-France” is a powerful lever to foster the entrepreneurial spirit in the Region and we are very proud to be able to contribute to the development of this ecosystem carrying jobs. “

According to Jean-Pierre Proposition, national co-ordinator Plan the students for the innovation, transfer and entrepreneurship (Gem, France) : “This program Nugget Starter to the Station F represents the issue of the mesh of the players in the ecosystem to the provision of quality available to the students-entrepreneurs “.

In addition, for Guilain de Pous, project manager, Starter Schoolab ” The installation of this new program within Station F allows Schoolab and NUGGETS to affirm their willingness to develop the first network of student entrepreneurs. It is also an opportunity to give more scope to the program NUGGETS Starter with the help of the region and of the NUGGETS of Ile-de-France. “

Finally, according to Edwin, co-founder of Smartsitting and alumni Nugget Starter ” The program Nugget Starter Schoolab has been very important for us, in 4 months of the program we have passed from a young shoot of two people at a startup in full growth, which now has seven members in the team. The ideas, the emulation, the coaching, the challenge proposed by the Schoolab in everyday life, and the spirit of the promo, have been determinants!”.

About Nugget, France

Nugget France brings together 29 Nugget (Poles students for the innovation, transfer and entrepreneurship), and consolidates the support offer in nurturing partnerships with businesses and support structures and funding.
The Nugget have to aim in particular to train and support students and young graduates, project leaders and granting the national Status student-entrepreneur (SNEE) in institutions of higher education.
The SNEE allows you to build and develop an entrepreneurial project and to benefit from support regardless of its approach is entrepreneurial.

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