The associations are concerned about the lack of younger donors

Donations to large charities and foundations have continued to rise in 2016, according to the latest barometer of the professional union France Generosities published on Monday. The increase in funds collected from individuals by the 91 members of this union (of which Action against hunger, AFM-Telethon, Amnesty International, Unicef, Sidaction, etc.) is estimated at 2.5% in 2016, according to a panel of 21 associations and foundations, representing over half of the donations (less than 1,500 euros).

If the gifts have continued to increase in 2016, it is because the existing donors have been more generous, it considers France Generosities in a press release. But the panel of donors is struggling to renew and rejuvenate, observes the union to explain its concerns. In 2016, the loyal donors accounted for 92% of the collection overall.

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These loyal donors are older, since, among those who give regularly (at least once per year), we find 29% of people 65 years and older, but only 12% of 25-34 year-olds. The under 35 years of age react mostly to the news and are often demanding causes that inspire their gifts. Almost one French person in two (46%) said to give at least once per year.

The donation by cheque was still the odds

In all ages, the causes of the most critically acclaimed are the protection of children, in front of the fight against exclusion and poverty, medical research, and assistance to persons with disabilities.

Payment habits are changing, with a decrease in donations by cheques (which still represent 56% of donations), an average amount of 63,90 € (-60 cents), and an increase of donations by automatic withdrawal (44% of grants), an average amount of 13,40 euros (+40 cents). Online donations now represent 8% of the total , with an average value of 103 euros (+60 cents). As for the donation by SMS, it has been put in place in December 2016, in order to adapt the solidarity with new technologies and to raise awareness for donors younger.


A study conducted by Kantar Audience for France Generosities with a sample of 2.091 people, interviewed face-to-face interviews from 23 to 30 march.

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