The bar of Paris : Jean-Louis Bessis VS Frederic Sicard

on July 27, 2017 – Jean-Paul VIART – Law – law News

© DR Frédéric Sicard, president of Paris, and Jean-Louis Bessis, a former candidate for the bâtonnat, to settle their dispute.

The media evoke currently a dispute between the Council of the Ordre des avocats de Paris, its president Frederic Sicard and Jean-Louis Bessis, a former candidate for the bâtonnat. This conflict is currently before the Tribunal de grande instance of Paris, which should be considered in the fall. The president of the bar of Paris made the point in a press release.

“In June 2015, at the end of the electoral campaign for the election of the chairperson, Mr. Frédéric Sicard has suggested, if he was elected, Mr. Jean-Louis Bessis him assigned, when the time came, the drafting of a report to the Council of the Order ; report on the design and implementation of an independent authority designed to improve the governance of the Institution professional.

22 December 2015, this mission has been entrusted formally to Mr. Jean-Louis Bessis, knowing that the subject of the report as the nature of the project involved necessarily that the bar Council should debate and vote on its adoption.

Mr. Jean-Louis Bessis has prepared this report but has declined the invitation to stand before the Council of the Order. The project was rejected by a vote of the College Council on February 16, 2016.

Contrary to the practices of the profession, which exclude any compensation for the preparation of a report to the Council of the Order, and in spite of the absence of the obtaining of the condition precedent of the agreement of the College Council, Mr. Jean-Louis Bessis is seeking payment of several hundreds of thousands of euros.

Some sources also mention the application of the article L-106 of the election code on vote buying. This provision has no relation with the facts of the case and the surplus only relates to elected officials.”

The Bâtonnier Paul-Albert Iweins and Jean Veil have been designated as lawyers of the Council of the College and Frederic Sicard.

By a report submitted to the debate of members of the college council in its session of February 16, 2016, Mr. Jean-Louis BESSIS had forwarded its analysis and its solution to create a Mediator of the Bar association, an Ombudsman to receive complaints of lawyers of Paris, with investigative powers and prerogatives advisory, as an administrative authority, independence. This report was rejected by the council of the order. In contrast, the college council has voted that he be proposed at the meeting of march 8, 2016 for the practical arrangements of a test of creating a solution that will collect and treat the complaints of the lawyers parisians on the operation of the Order.

Report regarding the reception of claims of the lawyers on the functioning of the order of lawyers
(Rapporteur Romain CARAYOL, MCO (2014-2016))

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