The budget of the justice 2018 increases of 3.9%

October 03, 2017 – AP UP – Right

© – Nicole Belloubet, keeper of the Seals, presented on 27 September last year the budget of the justice 2018.

The finance bill 2018, which will be presented to the Parliament in a few weeks, provides for an increase in appropriations of 3.9% and the creation of 1,000 additional jobs. It will provide levers for action in three directions : improvement of the daily functioning of the justice system, effectiveness of penalties and the attention to the poorest.

With a budget of 6,980 billion euros, an increase of 3.9 %, justice appears as a priority for the Government. It will among other things create a thousand additional posts (see infographic below) and increase of 158 million euros for the material means of justice. The credits of the functioning of courts will increase from 9.9 %. Not least of 331 jobs will come to strengthen them, of which 148 job creation. This budget will launch the digital transformation of the ministry with the creation of 50 jobs to strengthen the teams of the secretariat general, and an increase of 20% of the credits of the it budget.

With this budget, a plan to ensure the construction of 15 000 new places in prison will be put in place. 470 jobs will be created to allow the openings of the establishments of Aix, Draguignan and Paris Health. Twenty-six million euros of loans are planned to launch a first wave of five houses and stop six neighborhoods in preparation for the release, as well as the acquisition of land.

The 32 million euro increase for legal aid

One hundred and fifty jobs in the service of insertion and probation may be created to strengthen the follow-up of persons placed under the hand of justice. It will also help to improve safety in our prisons. Ten million credits will encourage the expansion or renovation of the security devices deployed and 35 additional jobs will develop the intelligence prison.

The services of the judicial protection of youth, will be strengthened to ensure support for diverse minors who are entrusted to him. Forty jobs of educators will be created to reinforce the open environment. Operating appropriations and investment will grow by 6 million euros, with a special effort for the maintenance and renovation of real estate assets, the maintenance of an ambitious policy for institutions of the third sector authority and the development of the use of host families.

This budget 2018 will also meet the commitments vis-à-vis staff of the ministry in terms of career development. It will increase by 7 % for credits for social action to accompany the agents.

This budget will reinforce finally the access to the law and to justice for the poor. The funds dedicated to legal aid will increase by 32 million euros, those devoted to the aid of victims of the 6.3 %.

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