The CCI, Medef and the CPME Ile-de-France agree to boost businesses

on October 10, 2017 – AP WRITING – Corporate

© F Daburon CCI Paris – Didier Kling has signed framework partnership agreements with the Medef and the CPME (Bernard Cohen-Hadad).

Didier Kling, president of the CCI region Paris – Île-de-France, has signed a framework partnership agreement with Eric Shepherd, president of Medef Île-de-France, and another with Bernard Cohen-Hadad, president of the CPME Paris, Île – de-France, on 5 October. These specify the terms of a common commitment in favour of business, learning and employment.

These two framework agreements are built around main axes :

Training of young people and adults

The CCIR would like to enhance the sector of the apprenticeship to employers in the middle of the points A, deployed in the eight chambers of commerce and industry, departmental and territorial governments to promote the offer in terms of learning from the companies and accompany them in their steps. In this spirit, she opens her device to the members of Medef Île-de-France and the CPME Paris, Île – de-France. The professional federations, for their part, undertake to promote learning among their members.

Didier Kling and Eric Berger signed the framework convention between the CCI and the Medef. © F. Daburon CCI Paris Ile-de-France

Supporting businesses

The CCI Paris – Île-de-France will propose its services to members of Medef Île-de-France and the CPME Paris, Île – de-France (The Digiteurs, Openspots, coaching, international, etc), to accompany the mutations related to the digital and to the transformations of the economy.

The three partners intend to support, boost and develop the economic activity and employment of the region of Île-de-France in anticipation of the changes in the company and tailored to the expectations of the French economy. The Medef Ile-de-France and the CPME Île-de-France, each for its part, undertake to make known the services offered by the CCI Paris – Île-de-France to their members.

Collaboration on joint studies

The signing of these agreements will boost the cooperation between the Medef Ile-de-France and the CPME Paris, Île – de-France on one side, and the CCI Paris – Île-de-France on the other, on matters of common interest in terms of studies. The two partners of the CCIR will relay the findings of the studies undertaken in common with their members.

Deployment territorial commitments in common

The three partners agree finally to work together to leverage their joint actions on the territory. These could be the subject of a convention départementale between the BCC departmental and territorial and representations county of Medef Île-de-France and the CPME Paris, Île – de-France. Thanks to these two agreements, the CCI Paris – Île-de-France, a public institution of the State, strengthening its relations with the representative organizations of employers and works towards a collective action for the benefit of the companies.

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