The Espace, Renault is it a flop ?

It’s all a part of the history of Renault, which is embodied in a single model : the innovation, the top-of-the-line, and leadership ! But this little piece of history could well be part of the past. Nearly two years after its launch, sales of the Espace, Renault are in a free fall. In the first half, it is sold as 11.700 units, or 30% less than in the same period of the previous year (17.000). This is far from the performance of previous models, which were selling on average 35,000 copies, or even 60,000 units on the third generation.

A launch delayed for four years

Renault, however, has treated this model. Renewal originally planned for 2010 had been delayed for several years. The French manufacturer wanted to wait for the economic recovery, but also to Polish a product still too minivan on a market that is already too much turned towards the SUV… Result, Renault reveals the new version of the Space in September 2014 (for march 2015), with a completely renovated. At the time, there was talk of a “crossoverisation” of Space to glue the pattern to the new trend. It is clear that the bet has failed, the Space dives as dives the segment of minivans. Only the Scénic seems to resist to the disappointment of the segment of minivans with 53.185 registrations in the first half against 48.700 a year ago with the previous generation.

The Space has not satisfied the families, since these are the fleets that have made up the bulk of sales of the new model in more than 50%. It is, moreover, the decline in deliveries to the fleets has contributed to the decline of sales in the first half. “The major accounts have finalised their acquisition of Space by 2017 driven by an effect of novelty “, we can explain at Renault. Finally, if this model was not intended to go beyond european borders, it turns out that the French market was 48% of sales on this half.

Economic impact on

Admittedly, Renault did not reveal the sales targets. However, it is highly unlikely that the renault brand has been able to build on volumes as low as, only two years after its commercialization. The economic impact could, however, be much less than what we can imagine. First because of the platform the Space is widely shared and, therefore, damped by the different models of the group and of the alliance. Thus, on this famous platform CMF there is the Talisman, Mégane, the Kadjar and the Koleos, but also the Nissan Qashqai and X-Trail. Then, Renault states that two-thirds of sales are made on finishes higher, including 47% on the Original finish Paris, finishing the most expensive. Finally, the brand with the rhombus indicates that the Space is still the leader of the E segment in France and is even two times the sales of the number two. An argument certainly very franco-French, but which testifies to the difficulty of performing on this segment is very complex.

Volumes largely offset by the SUV

Don’t panic on board… Because if the sales are disappointing, Renault is not, however, losing overall since the brand has been brilliantly renovated its offer on the SUV segment in order to compensate for this deficit. Thus, the Kadjar has sold more of 83,000 units in the first half, while the Koleos has sold 31.300 copies. A great performance for Renault, which was completely absent of the SUV before (apart from the older generation of Koleos, which had not convinced), and which is, therefore, with volumes of unpublished on this part of the spectrum of the catalog. We note, however, that Peugeot is much better with its 3008 sold to 115,000 copies in the first half, waiting for the 5008 barely marketed (June) and has already sold more than 21,000 units…

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