The Government is betting on innovation

the 02 October 2017 – Anne MOREAUX – News

© Twitter@LudovicPeran – September 26, held the fifth institutional Meetings for the Innovation.

Tuesday, September 26, last held the fifth meeting for the Innovation entitled ” innovation, The key to success of the quinquennium ? “. On the same day, the president and Emmanuel Macron announced at a colloquium at the Sorbonne, the creation of a european agency of innovation.

The day before, the Prime minister announced the investment plan of the Government, with a colossal budget of $ 13 billion dedicated to innovation, on the 57 billion in total.

Chaired by the famous mathematician Cédric Villani, member of parliament for the Essonne, president of the parliamentary Office for evaluation of scientific or technological (OPECST) winner of the Fields medal, and Patrick Hetzel, deputy of Bas-Rhin author of the report of the commission of the national debate on university-use given in 2006, vice-president of the OPECST, these institutional meetings were allowed to speculate on French innovation.

Defined as “the encounter between research and the economy” by Cédric Villani, French innovation seems to lag behind. For evidence, the filing of patents in France is three times lower than in Germany.

The investment plan of the Government has a colossal budget of $ 13 billion is dedicated to innovation

The conclusion is simple : France is strong countless talents, but it fails to transform the trial economically and socially for lack of investment. Yet, “innovation can be a lever for transforming our SMES, ETI,” said Patrick Hetzel, and tools such as the CIR exists to help them.

Many of the tracks to boost the research and innovation of the French emerged from the discussions. Cédric Villani has, for example, proposed a reconciliation between the research centres and enterprises in the field of artificial intelligence.

Stakeholders will rejoice surely the increase in the budget allocated to research and higher education, as announced on 25 September by Édouard Philippe.

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