The health care industries are clamoring for structural reforms rather than blows “plane”

The French Federation of health industries (Féfis), which consists of nine professional organizations representing the entire journey of care, wished Tuesday of the structural reforms in the sector to promote innovation and competitiveness.

The Féfis calls for “the creation of a dynamic interface and active relationship” with the government to manage “the problem of competitiveness,” said its chairman Jean-Luc Belingard.

A good financial health, which “moves back all the years”.

According to the federation of employers ‘ association, the health industries export approximately € 34 billion each year, which makes it the third sector, French exporter. A good financial health, which specifies the Féfis, “moves back all the years”.

Among the levers on which to act “on the long term”, it was a question of taxation, “slow” and “red tape”. According to Mr. Belingard, on average, it takes 400 days to access the market in France, against 60 in Germany.

Regarding, the digital component and the access to the data (“Big data”), “we are moving towards a system that is extraordinarily complicated,” said the Féfis.

Fears around the PLFSS

The leaders of the professional organizations of industries of health have also expressed their fear regarding the first draft law of financing social security (PLFSS) of the new government, in anticipation of the “cuts very brutal” and noting that “management accounting”.

“There is a contrast between the hardness of a plane and the reluctance of the reform,” said Stéphane Regnault, vice-president of the Féfis and chairman of the Snitem (syndicat medical technology), who said he is “disappointed” by the signals sent by the president and Emmanuel Macron.

“The candidate had said that a good part of the recovery of public accounts and France was based on the entrepreneurial dynamics”, has reminded his side to Patrick Errard, vice-president of the Féfis and president of the Leem (drug companies).

The PLFSS, presented at the end of September, plans to reduce by one year the overall deficit of the social Security of 3 billion euros. The branch disease would remain at a deficit of 800 million euros, but the reduction of its deficit would reach 3.3 billion.

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