The lab pharmaceutical Boehringer will sell its site in Loire-Atlantique

The German laboratory Boehringer Ingelheim has announced to the trade unions, on Tuesday 3 October, a draft conveyance of the site of Saint-Herblon (Loire-Atlantique), which employs a hundred employees, a-t-on learned from several sources.

The management announced to the instances of the staff “the assignment” future of the property situated between Nantes and Angers and who “employs 111 employees”, said in a press release the federation of Chemistry of the CFE-CGC, expressing a “strong sense of bitterness and huge mess”.

Contacted by AFP, the group has “confirmed” a project that should result in a “change of ownership (…) at best between the end of 2018, and 2019”.

“The activity of the site of Saint-Herblon, mainly focused on generic with a high proportion of antibiotics, no longer corresponds to the strategic guidelines of the group, which are designed to “refocus on the activities of preventive care and innovative”, has developed Eric Lambert, secretary general of Boehringer Ingelheim France.

Not envisaged closure

No buyer is currently identified, but the profile is that of an “industry players already present on the market of the animal health and on the generic market,” he said.

“The closure of the site is not considered” assured the leader, promoting an establishment “powerful” and has “undeniable advantages in terms of production capacity, know-how, brand image of products”.

The CFE-CGC, for its part, called for “safeguards” on the choice of a buyer offering “a strategic project of sustainability and investment for the site”, “the recovery of all employees”, “the maintenance of acquired benefits (mutual, savings, RTT, etc)” and “a payment of transfer” by the German group.

“One wishes, of course, that job retention is at the heart of discussions” with the prospective buyers, “our goal is to ensure a sustainable future for the site and its employees,” responded Mr. Lambert.

(With AFP)

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