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June 01, 2017 – Anne MOREAUX – Business

© Wikimedia commons – The work e-mail is polluted by hundreds of e-mails has become an everyday problem.

John Grimaldi of Esdra publishes a book entitled “the Empire of The mail” Editions Librinova. A reflection on our society and its human relationships, primarily meant for managers.

After an essay entitled Banality of conformism and Management Pick and Do devoted to the current management team, John Grimaldi of Esdra presents his new book : the Empire of The mail, which questions the usefulness of the many mails that we receive on a daily basis.

Empire of the mail, or evil empire ?

It is mainly a question here of the e-mail professional, of those, countless, that pollute the boxes-professional, almost all of the employees. The glut has meant that the important information is drowned in a constant stream of messages that congest the daily life in the company. On average a manager is 60 emails in his email box a day and only 5 to 10 are really important.

Much more than business or management, this book is about our society. Behind a subject that may seem limited, the e-mail professional, one discovers a deep reflection on technology and our world become. How to make that happen by being neither reactionary, ” techno-rebel “, or subject or addicted to innovations, “digital slaves” ?

This book is also a reflection on the place of writing in our society. Today, the production of professional documents is huge and most of the time useless. To do this is to write, even to show that one does more than to do it himself.

John Grimaldi of Esdra has held various responsibilities within Michelin group, in particular HRD. Doctor of law, qualified to direct research, he has been a lecturer. He has directed for more than 10 years Formadi, a company management consulting.

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