Toosla, the startup French who wants to ringardiser the rental car companies

France, the cradle of the young shoots of the new mobility ? Jean-François Boucher wants in any case to write some of this story with Toosla, the rental car company 100% digital, which he founded. Presented like this, the case looks classic. In reality, Toosla wants to revolutionize the business of car rental.

The former boss of Mr Diy is from the idea that the customer experience in the field of car rental was not only very bad, but had absolutely not made the shift to digital. In 2017, rent a car, there are still queues at an extension cord in front of the counters, the lease agreements are still not free of surprises or other hidden charges of any kind, and it is still possible to walk away with a car other than yet reserved…

The sources of dissatisfaction with customer to resolve

Toosla wants to position itself differently in seeking solutions to these sources of dissatisfaction client. The first idea is to simplify the process of booking via the app. In just a few clicks, the booking is made. Everything is included, apart from a few options ! But once the booking is confirmed, the customer does not charge additional service when removing or returning the vehicle.

He then makes his way to the parking lot where is located the vehicle and unlocks the vehicle through the application which also allows it to start. It may report defects which would have been omitted in a tab “state of the art”, still available on the app. A feature that allows you to send photos of the defect, accompanied by a commentary.

The other lever of customer satisfaction Toosla is to provide a car instead of premium. During our passage in one of the parks of the young shoot, the one located in a parking lot near the Champs-Elysées, we could see that the fleet was composed primarily of Mini, BMW, Land Rover and a DS 5 also. On the app, we have noticed, however, that a Renault Scénic was available. “The Renault Scénic responds to a request for template to be very accurate,” defends Jean-François Boucher, who wants to leave the choice to its customers. For the rest, the park is equipped car premium often in finishes rather top-of-the-line as this BMW 5 series leather interior.

Cost tight and clever.

However, this is not a reason to apply prices that are too high. According to Jean-François Boucher, the proposed rates are 30% to 40% cheaper than at the car hire company classic. The secret lies in the dematerialization process. In addition, the vehicles purchased are directly selected in the fleets of opportunity to lessors long-term. They are, therefore, already amortized.

Started at the end of 2016, the application has seen a good start with more than 11,000 downloads of the application and 1,400 account openings. Toosla has nearly 775 active customers.

But Jean-François Boucher wants to accelerate because he knows that, in terms of mobility, things are going very fast. For this, he has chosen to operate through franchises. He hopes this will see its fleet reach the 150 cars before the end of the year, as against 80 at present. It also has to land very soon in Lille, Lyon and Nice. But Jean-François Boucher dream already internationally including in the United States… ” This is where you will find the big market “, he mused.

Towards a new round table ?

It is also open to an entry in the capital of an investment fund that would help finance its development projects. Last April, he managed to raise 1 million euros, and hopes to complete another round of early 2018.

Toosla does not claim to have invented the rental car, but wants to position itself on its digitization by focusing on the customer experience. Jean-François Boucher doesn’t want to stay static in its concept and wants to go even further in débusquant new uses thanks to the first feedback from the customer. Thus, one of its biggest customers rent every weekend the same car… This client would like Toosla him to guarantee the rental of the vehicle each weekend over a very long period of time. He wants to keep the same car as if it was hers, without necessarily being the owner and benefiting from the services of maintenance and maintenance of Toosla. Jean-Francois boucher told to think of a product that could fit this use, and how to generalize to a type of customer. It is at the heart of the societal transformation where the use is in the process of replacing the property, and Toosla aims to be at the forefront of this transformation…

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