United states : the robots in a chinese factory will sew 23 million t-shirts per year

The “Made in America” to the chinese sauce. In the United States, Arkansas (south) will host 2018 a factory of chinese manufacturer apparel Suzhou Tianyuan Garments Company production capabilities are very important : approximately 23 million t-shirt will be released each year from this plant once the 21 production lines in operation, at the rate of 1.2 million per production line.

The investment, to the tune of $ 20 million, will hire under four years of 400 full-time employees, more highly qualified positions created in a factory, “traditional” since the big part of the workforce of the factory will be robotics.

[Demonstration of the operation of a production line. Credits : Softwear Automation.]

“People are buying $ 11 billion of t-shirts per year. It is an interesting market where automation makes sense, because the robots are able to produce very large volumes,” pointed out Palaniswamy Rajan, ceo of Softwear Automation, the u.s. manufacturer of robots used in an interview to the website Fast Company.

Flood of products at very low costs

More jobs in Arkansas, it is on the manufacturing sector of the country that this new infrastructure risk to weigh. Only one chinese factory of its kind on the ground by us, it will be able to sew with 21 production lines of t-shirts at prices rivalling those of the companies as cheap labor, low-skilled and very widely delocalized – the country imports 97.5% of its clothing from the American Apparel & Footwear association.

“Everywhere in the world, even the labour market, the cheaper can not compete with us”, has also commented on Tang Xinhong, president of Tianyuan Garments, interviewed by the China Daily.

Estimated cost of each piece : 0.33 to dollar-for-manufacturing time estimated to be between 22 and 26 seconds. What convince new customer to Tianyuan, who mainly provide the oem German Adidas, himself an ardent user of robots.

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Despite a decline in competitiveness, China remains by far the largest exporter of apparel to the United States – 41,87% in volume, 34,35% in value, with $ 27.9 billion of apparels imported in 2016-followed by Vietnam (13,86% in value), and Bangladesh (or 6.44%). As noted in the annual study “the US Fashion Industry Benchmarking Study”, the two countries attracting more and more a fashion industry american that wants to relocate elsewhere in China. The country could well have found the parade by bringing directly on american soil and its know-how.

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