Wake up to the accountant “commercial” within you !

October 03, 2017 – AP-WRITING – Law – Experts-comptables

By Anne Gateff,a communication consultant and Cécile Mathieu, consultant specializing in assisting firms. All two graduate accounting and the directors of the institute of graduate accounting in a company (ECE).

On the occasion of the 72nd Congress of the Ordre des experts-comptables, the two experts will be facilitating the conference “Present and defend a mission of council : The accountant ‘commercial” where they
will shed some light on a new business strategy to be effective, and its key success factors.

Three axes for a commercial process effective

Business efficiency assumes the existence of a marketing and commercial strategy as well as an offer of advisory service. It is essential to identify precisely the needs of the market and targets, to develop a service offering and promote this offer.

In this framework, the marketing plan and commercial details of a part of the strategy, the market, the objectives and the offer of consulting services proposed by the cabinet and, on the other hand, the business objectives in terms of turnover and customer loyalty, as well as the human and financial resources needed, actions to implement and priorities.

Posture business is the second axis from the sale of consulting missions. However, for many accountants, this posture is not natural. Fortunately, a structured approach allows you to acquire it or develop it further over time. It is intended to detect the needs, propose and sell a new service and, for this, to develop listening to the customer to get to know him better and understand his issues. This approach requires active listening and interpersonal communication effective.

Finally, firms must choose a mode of organization of the marketing function. When employees sell and carry out the missions of the council, they benefit from a stronger customer relationship, develop their advisory skills and are valued for this field of intervention. For this, they need support in terms of training for the achievement of the missions, the appropriation of the offers of the cabinet, and especially the commercial process. Firms may also put in place a service dedicated to the sale and to the achievement of the missions of the board, or create a commercial to sell the missions that will be carried out by the employees.

Key success factors

The development of skills of employees involves the implementation of actions in management, such as :

• the annual maintenance that helps to make the point with each employee about her motivations and training needs ;

• the coaching situation that is prompting the employee to seek continuous improvement to identify and remove any blockages.

In addition, the monitoring of the project development of consultancy and commercial activity is crucial. An approach to project management allows for specifying the objectives, the means of monitoring of the outputs and identify the driver of the project. It should be noted that such a project mobilizes several functions and is part of a context different from that of the management hierarchy. It integrates different dimensions : marketing, sales, production and management. This is why the consultation and the ownership by all the actors involved is needed.

It is clear that the human factor is the critical path in the support to firms to success. That is why, each accountant is asked to reflect on the approach best suited to his or her office before you wake up the accountant ‘commercial” that lies dormant in him !

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