When the real estate market, intimate knowledge of almost angels

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In the middle of the year 2017, all the indicators are green : the morale of households, recovered, volume of transactions and price level to rise… As is revealed in the traditional study of economic conditions of the FNAIM, overall, the real estate market is working like a charm, with the exception of a few regional disparities and local.

As stated in the study of the national Federation of real estate, in volume, the cap of 900 000 annual sales was reached in June : “This is an unprecedented figure, which translates into an increase of 9.9% in 12 months.” However, this record needs to be relativised, because since 2000, the housing stock has increased by 20 %.

For their part, the sales have increased by only 13 %. To match the maximum rotation observed in the year of the millennium, it would have been necessary to reach 950 000 transactions. The other shade in the shiny table, the number of synthetic hides regional disparities. Certainly, two-thirds of the departments have experienced growth of sales in excess of 10 %. But nearly half of the transactions (46 %) are concentrated in 20 districts.

Rising prices well-oriented

The price increase was confirmed, and even amplified. According to the study of the FNAIM, ” in June, it reached a level of 4 % over 12 months. The price of apartments has increased by 4.4 %, and that of the houses of 3.4 per cent “. Again, not everyone will find there : “Limoges, Clermont-Ferrand, Dijon, Saint-Etienne or Le Havre to see, on the contrary, their prices decrease, of 1% to 3%. While Marseille, Lyon, Lille or Paris exploding in the average, with increases ranging between 4.8 and 5.9 %. The record is owned by Bordeaux, with 7.1 per cent “.

These price increases affect the power to purchase real estate individuals. These ” lost 1,7 m2 in the first half. But over 12 months, they are still winners to 1.5 m2, or even more in some cities such as Poitiers, Limoges, Le Havre and Clermont-Ferrand “.

In the new, the euphoria is. According to the FNAIM, the number of housing starts increased 14.6 %, bookings in VEFA increased 22.6 %. Sales of detached homes in sector diffuse have, for their part, increased by 18 %.

The rental market

The Observatory of statistics of the rentals (Oslo), established by the national Federation of real estate in the beginning of the year, continued his rise in power. Fed by the 250 000 leasehold recorded each year on the whole territory, it allows disseminating key information on rents in nearly 200 municipalities. Mmr appear as well, as the average time of relocation. For tenants and private investors, it is valuable information, because they show the price in local market, the cities with the most and least expensive, those where the market is tight, those where the rental yield is the best. It is in the case of Dijon, with a rental yield of 6.3 %, compared with Paris, the less cost-effective with 3.4 %.

Measures to do even better

These results more than encouraging, should not be too euphoriser the public Authorities. There is still a lot of measures to be taken for this situation to be even more beautiful in the months and years to come. Among the recommendations recurring to the FNAIM, one stands out : “the cost-effectiveness is motivating “. This is, for the federation, ” meaning that an owner decides to retain the property for rental, rather than put it on sale “. It is still necessary, as a preliminary, that the individual has had the desire to become investor, buying a rental property. It performs a real public service mission of housing. Its economic role must be recognized by governments. This is why the FNAIM reiterates its request to see in the lessor is a producer, which, therefore, must be able to amortize for tax purposes, his property. The federation also suggests that the rental income be rid of cumbersome controls, particularly at the time of the bond. This is the way that the transactions may be fluidifiées. The deeds of sale can also be improved, as well as diagnostics.

The property is in need of stability, which allows the return of the trust. It explains in large part the series of good figures observed in the first half. Among the measures it currently takes to perpetuate, are the PTZ and the device Pinel. FNAIM is also in favour of ‘ a reduction in the tax burden on real estate transactions “.

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